Papa’s Pizza Invitational

The Eugene Challengers is excited to host the annual Papa’s Pizza Invitational Tournament. Teams from all over the West Coast travel to Swede Johnson Stadium in Eugene, Oregon to participate in this multiple-day event to find out who will be crowned the Papa’s Pizza Invitational Champions!


Game Dates Join us for the 45th Annual Papa’s Pizza Invitational Tournament. June 30 – July 4, 2021 at Swede Johnson Stadium!
Gate Admission To enter Swede Johnson Stadium during the tournament the gate fee is $5 for adults, $3 for seniors and students, kids 12 and under are free.  Tournament passes are available for $20 for general admission and $12 for senior/students per person.
Teams 10 Team / Two Pools Round Robin Format with One Cross Over Game
Number of Games

Teams are guaranteed 5 games. 7 if they make it to the championship game.

Sunday Contests will be 4th place vs 4th place, 3rd vs 3rd, and 2nd vs 1st in Semis, Winners Meet

Cost $725.00 per team
Time Limit All games are 7 innings with a 2-hour time limit with a 10-run mercy rule after 5 innings. Games can end in a tie. The time limit is in effect for all scheduled games, no time limit on the semifinal or championship games.

American Legion Rules (A.L. MLB)

7 Inning Games with Run Rule After 5 Innings

4 Batting Cages and Turf Football Field to Warm Up

Courtesy Runner for Catcher and Pitcher at all Times

DH for Pitcher Only

No Re-Entry

College Slide Rule

No 3rd to 1st Moves

Helmets and Uniforms on All Base Coaches

Tie Breakers

Head to Head

Runs Allowed

Runs Scored

Coin Toss

*If there are three teams at the end of pool play with the same record the tie will be broken by the tiebreaker above. Once a team has been eliminated then the remaining two teams will have their tie broken by returning to the tiebreaker and beginning the process from step 1.