Challengers Commitment

To become a Eugene Challenger it takes a big commitment from our players, coaches, parents, community members, sponsors, volunteers, and our board members.

The Challengers is made up of boys ages 15-19 from these local high school baseball teams Churchill High SchoolMarist High School, North Eugene High School, Sheldon High SchoolWillamette High SchoolCrow High SchoolElmira High School, and Monroe High School. We can add additional schools surrounding our area but must maintain an enrollment cap number of 5,000 in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades for our team. We roster the best 18 boys from these teams with 2 swing players.

We are a part of Area 4, the toughest Legion baseball league in the state of Oregon, along with Roseburg, Klamath Falls, Medford, and Grants Pass.

We play a compact schedule and many nights play doubleheaders. We host two tournaments annually; The Grant Smith Wood Bat Tournament, usually over father’s day weekend, and the Papa’s Pizza Invitational Tournament (over the 4th of July). We also put on our skills camp that lasts two weeks and our player help run the camp each day. We play about 50-60 games a season of about 8 weeks long.  If we qualify we will play in a Super Regional and if we win there we move on the State Tournament.  Upon winning the State Tournament we qualify for the Regional Tournament which is hosted back east.  The Northwest region is composed of teams from Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  The winner of the regional tournament will then travel to Shelby, North Carolina for the American Legion World Series. 

Our team is selected by a tryout system.  This is conducted at the beginning of each season to determine who will make the team.  We are allowed to carry 18 players on our official American Legion roster and have two swing players. 

Each player is provided with three complete uniforms, two hats plus additional equipment they will need to play for us.  We travel to away games of any distance in our 46 seat bus complete with viewing monitors.  When we stay overnight the players are provided hotel accommodations and a $10 per day meal per diem. 

The cost to play as a Eugene Challengers is $675 a season.  It costs the organization approximately $1,500 dollars per player to operate the team. 

Per American Legion rules each player must provide to us an original birth certificate in order to verify their age.  These birth certificates are held in a safe during the season and are returned at the conclusion of the season (once the player has returned their uniform).  This is an American Legion requirement.

Since we are a volunteer organization we ask that parents sign up to work at the gate taking admission and selling souvenirs.  We occasionally have work parties to make improvements around the stadium and ask players and parents be a part of those.

Becoming a Challenger takes a big commitment of resources, time, and hard work. We thank all our players, coaches, parents, community members, sponsors, volunteers, and our board members for their dedication to our organization.