Swede Johnson Stadium

Swede Johnson Stadium, with a capacity of 1,000, serves as the home of the North Eugene High School and the Eugene Challengers’ summer baseball teams. As one of the nation’s finest amateur structures, the stadium has 800 theater seats and a modern, air-conditioned, press box. It was financed by a community-wide fund drive and built by the Eugene Challengers organization at the cost of $750,000. The stadium was given to the 4J School District in June 1988.

The stadium commemorates the meaningful contributions of Swede Johnson, a former youth coach, who coached baseball, football, and basketball for North Eugene and Sheldon High Schools for 25 years. Swede was a local lumber broker who played baseball and football at the University of Oregon.

The Eugene Challengers host local, state, and regional tournaments as well as fielding several teams that play their home games in the stadium.

New locker rooms, restrooms, and a concession stand were constructed in 2000, and the facility was valued at $1,500,000. The restroom facilities are located beneath the third base bleachers.

Seating is in a horseshoe configuration with eight rows of boxed seats beginning at the ground level nearest the infield on both the first and third base sides. The top three rows behind home plate connect the two sections with a walkway behind the back row of the stadium.

Swede Johnson is a complete baseball facility. Behind the third base, stands are six batting cages, complete with carpet. Four of the cages are 70-feet long, 14-feet wide, 12-feet high. The cages have roofs over the mound and hitting areas with lights under the roof areas. The other two cages are 35-feet long, 14-feet wide, 12-feet high.

The bullpens are located along the two baselines and behind the hedges. Each has two mounds and a player bench.

The playing surface includes 200,000 square feet of ryegrass turf, irrigated by a 75-hear automatic sprinkler system from the Rain Bird Irrigation Company, with red cinders encircling the field. The stadium is lit by 32 fixtures on eight 95-foot poles, generating 70-100 foot candles of light in the infield and an average of 50-foot candles in the outfield. The lighting system was made possible by a donation from John O. Chatt.

The playing field dimensions are 320-feet down the right-field line, 330-feet down the right-field line, 370-feet in the power alleys, and 390-feet to center field. A new 12-foot high chain-link outfield fence and the backstop were installed in 2004. The remainder of the stadium is enclosed by a nine-foot fence.

A new electronic scoreboard was installed in 2001. The scoreboard was donated by a fan of Eugene Challengers baseball. 

We are thankful to our sponsors and fans for supporting these renovations to Swede Johnson Stadium and look forward to making more improvements in the future.